Why I Choose Protein Superfoods

by: wme_admin on

“Would you like some broccoli Caroline?”

“Ah, no thank you.”

“How about some sweet potato?”

“Ah, no. I'm all good thanks.”

“Would you like some salad?”

“No, I'm fine with just the meat.”

& on, & on it goes.

This has been my life for the past 15 years or so.

As a child I was made to eat everything on my plate (remember “waste-not, want-not”). I routinely stared down at hideously over cooked & tasteless brussel sprouts & floury potatoes. But I had to eat them, I had no choice. So when I finally reached adulthood & started providing my own food, the vegie quotient disappeared overnight. Quite frankly, I haven't eaten vegies for about 15 years. . As an adult my diet had become a revolving cycle of meat, sugar & bread. Sure, I've had the odd nibble at fried onions, or perhaps some buttered mushrooms, but the green stuff? Not a chance! Hell No.

But that's ok, isn't it? I'm not hurting anyone. I have no children to be a role model for. I'm skinny. I go to the gym & run 90kms a week. My friends & family would fondly refer to me as a “fitness fanatic”.  So it's all good. I'm healthy. No harm done……or so I thought. The truth was, I was always tired, my skin was blotchy & lifeless, my hair was dry & dull and my fingernails were as brittle egg shells. Surely there's a better way to exist??

Enter the 'Age of the Superfood'. It's all Kale this & Chia Seeds that. Goji Berries, Acacia, Green Smoothies, the list goes on & on. For the average lazy food eater like me, it's all too confusing & all seems a bit too much like hard work. But I want to get involved. The idea of being not just fit, but also 'Well', just made sense. I wanted to somehow get on the 'Wellbeing Express' that seemed to be rapidly leaving me and my lack lustre energy levels behind. But the key for me, was how do I get on this 'Express' without having to spend hours trawling through healthfood shops, buying organic & 'activating' my almonds. Enter Think Vitality Nutrition. Their Protein Powder has changed my life. I don't need to do any of the hard work, of buying, WPI, Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Pepitas, Psyllium Husks & the like, cos it's all done for me.

The two scoops a day of the Coconut Protein Powder changed me from a 'green vegie free zone' to a self-confessed Green Smoothie addict. With Kale being my green veg of choice. I know, I know…..I can barely believe it myself. Me, who has hated vegies, especially green ones, all my life.  Now, I can't start my working day without my Green Smoothie, packed with Think Vitality Nutrition's Coconut Protein Powder, Almond Milk, Banana & lots of Kale. As a result, it's plain for me to see & feel that this change in my eating habits has improved my Wellbeing in spades. I have so much more energy through the day. There is no 3pm energy slump. No sugar cravings. For the first time in many years, my fingernails have grown, my skin is clear & bright & my hair is finally growing, without breaking.

Now despite all this change, let's not get too carried away on the 'Wellbeing Express'. I wouldn't say that I have completely transformed into fierce 'Wellness Warrior'. Plenty have & more power to them. I admire their devotion. For me it's a small change, with a huge impact. I still love my sneaky chocolate & lazy Dim Sims on the weekend. I still hate vegies with a passion (outside of my Green Smoothies). But that's ok. Everybody's different. All I'm saying is that even if like me you are too lazy to completely overhaul your diet & treat your body like a temple, 24/7, at least do yourself a favour & get some of Think Vitality Nutrition's Protein Powder in your belly. Your body will love you for it.

Written by Caroline Rampling (converted Green Smoothie lover)