What is a Superfood?

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Superfood’s are the NEW BLACK, an over night sensation, or are they? In actual fact they have been around for centuries and widely used by many  “Ancient Civilizations” More recently, Alternative Therapist have been actively experimenting with them, and the positive documentation dates back hundreds of years! The wonderful point is that Superfood’s have become increasingly available to people like you and me!! 

What are they?

Superfood’s are an all natural food source jam packed with essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. The known benefits of superfoods include – reducing the oxidative effects of mental and physical stress, preventing illness and disease, keeping us feeling vibrant healthy and young! Our bodies love and thrive on Superfood nutrients because our cells recognize and absorb them as real foods. They are far more bioavailable to us!

Why do we need them?

Our bodies cannot make many of the nutrients delivered by Superfoods. Heavy-handed use of chemicals, pesticides and poor soil quality leaves us with no guarantee we can rely the mass produced fruits and vegetables to give us the essential nutrients our bodies need.

The Ultimate Superfood Convenience!

Think Vitality Nutrition Superfood Whey and Pea Protein Blends are packed with 14 of natures best Superfoods.  The everyday task of nourishing your body has never been easier!