HIIT Workout -“Wake me Up “

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HIIT Workout -“Wake me Up “

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most popular training techniques used in the current health and fitness landscape. But why?? This style of training is so diverse and adaptable that it is only limited by a trainers experience. Workouts can be constructed to challenge movements in speed, coordination, strength endurance which can be designed to be both sport and life specific. Like any fitness fad in modern time, HIIT has risen to prominence because of its ability assist fat loss. The challenge created on the nervous and endocrine systems means the body can continue elevated fat use to recover as much as 24 hours post exercise! No doubt this is an effective form of exercise and programmed/ performed correctly it’s very effective……however, apply it incorrectly and the effects can be just as adverse. The key is to find a good trainer or training group with experience! Please use this page to ask any questions you have on this topic. Enjoy your day!!

Example workout

“Wake Me Up”

Equipment: TRX Suspension System and Ab Wheel

1. TRX Jump squats
2. Push Up
3. Ab Wheel
4. TRX Triple Extension
5. Push Up
6. Ab Wheel
7. TRX Row
8. Push Up
9. Ab Wheel

Exercise 20 sec
Rest 10 sec
4 circuits of 4 min 30 sec with (1 min recovery)

Total work time 22 mins

Click here to watch the HIIT Workout!

This is a simple yet killer routine. A full body routine with an emphasis placed on abdominals (sagital plane, dynamic stability) Guaranteed to make those abs ache for a few days. It can be timed by adding the Tabata Pro app to your phone, ipad or computer. We like the TRX because it is versatile. We set it up anywhere from the park home garage, or the beach. Enjoy!!