Why take Protein?

by: Vicky Reihana on


Why take Protein?

Protein in the form of Whey Protein Isolate or Pea Protein Isolate is one of Mother Natures most powerful Super Foods. Protein has long had the stigma of only being for body builders or elite athletes and is strongly marketed to them. However, take a look at it's key responsibilities which include active tissue repair, fat loss, positive hormonal balance, blood sugar regulation, cognitive function and boosted immunity.

It's no wonder those who need to perform and recover at the highest levels make it a priority. But why don't our kids use it for growth and mental development, parents use it for consistent energy levels and fat loss or the elderly for maintaining neural function?

Old school powders are synthetic/ chemical in construction with additives in highly concentrated levels making consumption dangerous for developing or frail lives. But with Vitality Nutrition Blends” we harness the raw power of nature. (A trend a few companies are adopting) Adding essential nutrients with  raw ingredients which improve the nutritional value of the blend and improving the bioavailability of the Protein. Feel free to leave comments or ask any questions!

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