My Secrets to Staying Motivated

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The other day I was talking to a friend who had embarked upon a new fitness regime. She is a busy professional who works full time during the day, and then runs her own after hour’s clinic by night.


I was curious to know what her motivation was, as already she had such a busy schedule. Without hesitation, the motivating factor was improving her health and keeping her diabetes under control.


Through trial and error she had figured out that when exercising at nighttime, her blood sugar level the next morning was almost always better; meaning, the less insulin she needed when she woke up! Plus, the less insulin taken, the easier it was to keep the weight off. 

Another ‘little’ motivator was her upcoming wedding!

Most of us know that we need to be active for at least 20-30 minutes every day to maintain our health and mobility. Our bodies were not designed to sit behind a computer screen or in front of a TV for hours on end. The Australian Bureau of Statistics states the average Australian is spending one month per year sitting in front of the TV, alone! This doesn’t include time spent in front of the computer. Prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of death up to 40% – well, that’s enough incentive for me to get out of the chair!


When you want something badly enough, motivation comes naturally. So, what happens when our drive is fading, and the excuses start creeping in? Is it simply that we have forgotten what got us motivated in the first place? Or, is it that we just don’t want it badly enough anymore?


I have stayed consistently motivated for over 25 years! However, my motivation didn’t start until I was 18 years old. During my school years I was not enthusiastic about any activity; I was not sporty and I hated exercise (yes, that is a story for another day)! So, how did I finally get the inspiration to regularly exercise and stay motivated, you ask?


To be honest, in my earlier years ‘looking good in bathers’ was the huge reason for me – whatever works, right? Then, my passion for helping others get healthy took over. Investing time not only in myself, but also in my clients, has been the biggest motivator to date.




Tips for motivation


  1. Make a decision to do exercise because it means something to you! For example: to become stronger, healthier, to reduce stress, to look and feel better, and to live longer!
  2. Visualisation is so underrated – trust me, it actually works! See yourself doing the exercise, and visualise the end result of how you want to look and how you want to feel.
  3. Find a training buddy or a group of people to work out with. Aside from holding you accountable, they will also ensure you have the support you need when having a ‘flat day’. Surround yourself with fit, healthy, like-minded people; not only will they encourage you, but their support is crucial to staying motivated. By the way, a little healthy competition is always a great motivator, too!
  4. Don’t think too much! Who thinks about brushing their teeth every day? This is an activity that you don’t have to work yourself up to it – it’s a habit; it’s a ‘non negotiable’. When you mentally labour upon something, it can feel like hard work. For example, imagine you’re doing a run and then you arrive at a big hill: do you slow down because you’re thinking about how its going to hurt; or do you attack it, and focus on quickening your pace to get to the top as soon as you can? I know that I would rather get to the top as quick as possible! The simple fact is, the slower you move the longer it takes, and then the ‘mental drama’ and procrastination has time to kick in.

In my life, good health is my ‘non negotiable’; feeling strong and energised is my ‘non negotiable’; ageing gracefully is my ‘non negotiable’. What is your motivation or ‘non negotiable’ to stay healthy?