The Secret to Turning Your Life Around With Diet – For Young and Old!

by: Vicky Reihana on



The Secret to Turning Your Life Around With Diet – For Young and Old!

Apart of becoming an active, healthy adult is getting all your habits right whilst you’re still young – getting into the healthy stuff as a youngster can do wonders for when you blossom into an adult!


With my goal to become the best at my craft of racing, I have had to have made an effort in recent times to go above and beyond in order stay on top of my fitness. This includes proper dietary (with the occasional cheat day), and making sure I’m using the gym to stay as fit as I can. On top of that, there are a few more simple things I’d suggest you to do if you’re planning on doing the same:


  • Drinking a smoothie every day – A high protein smoothie will help growing bones and muscles, add some fruit and nuts to the mix and you have a complete nutrient powerhouse that’s going to give a kid energy and brain power!


  • Sneaky ways of adding more salad and vegetables in to your day – This can not only add more healthy food into your diet, but it can also make your give you more energy and vitality! For example turning a white bread, chicken schnitzel sandwich into a “chicken schnitzel salad” (my personal favorite) with a variety of  vegetables added into the mix really ups the nutritional value and tastes delicious!


  • Drinking more water – I’ve never been a huge water drinker! Though, after realising the benefits, 2 Litres a day became a goal for me until it became second nature! Cut up slices of orange, lemon and even strawberries and put them in a big water jug so the water kinda tastes a bit sweeter than it normally would! This will also add a big resource of vitamin C into your diet.



  • Fruit – Always make sure you have plenty of fresh fruit, like watermelon, strawberries oranges, kiwi fruit store in the fridges, as well as your basics (apples, bananas, grapes etc) in the fruit bowl!