Immune Boosting Green Smoothie

by: wme_admin on

Serves  – 2 Big Smoothies roughly 1200ml

 Super Ingredients

2 scoops of Coconut Pea Protein (I like to use our Vegan Blend in the mornings for the alkalinity)

1 ripe banana (if your not keen on banana swap with ½ a avocado)

1-2 cups of kale or any collard greens

2 large stalks of celery

520ml of coconut water

500ml of water

1-2 thumbs of raw ginger peeled

1 thumb of raw turmeric peeled

1 tspn of flaxseed of coconut oil

1 tspn of powdered greens (optional)

2 cups of ice if making on the day (not needed if made the night before)


Simply blend together in your blender until smooth. Any left overs store in a airtight container for unto 2 days.

*Feel free to experiment with the turmeric and ginger, you can always add more or have less.