Chicken Coconut and Turmeric Casserole

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Chicken Coconut and Turmeric Casserole

Two of my very favourite herbs right now are Turmeric and Ginger. I love to blend them in my green smoothies and cook with them.

Not only do they have super medicinal properties they add amazing flavour when added to your cooking.

Serves 4  (it a good idea to double the ingredients for delicious leftovers)


1 kg organic or free range chicken breast (approx 4 large breasts) cut into cubes

2 large red onions 

2 – 3 thumbs raw ginger

2 – thumbs raw turmeric 

2 cloves crushed garlic

1 small red chilli (optional)

3 – 4 cups of Kale or leafy greens

1 cup of fresh basil

1 tbsp of organic vegetable stock (powder dissolved) in 250ml of water

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 270ml tin coconut cream (I use Ayam Brand as it has no fillers)4 – 5 dates pitted chopped


In a food processor, blitz onion, turmeric, ginger and garlic until you get a chunky paste.

Fry paste in coconut oil in an oven proof dish or fry pan until fragrant.

Add chicken and cook until browned. Add coconut cream, water and stock.Stir and cook on medium for 10 min.

Place lid on casserole dish and cook in an low to moderate oven for at least 45min. *The longer you cook the tender and more flavoursome the dish will become.

Remember to stir a few times.For the last 15 minutes, add dates and fresh basil, stir and continue to cook for the last 15 min.

Serve on its own or with a side of greens. We love zucchini noodles, or Bok Choy.It always tastes better the next day!*Great make in a slow cooker.

Tip: add a few pitted mejool dates for a natural sweetness