Pea Protein Isolate Superfood Blend Coconut 1.5kg


Pea Protein Isolate Superfood Blend Coconut 1.5kg

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Coconut Pea Protein Powder/Isolate, Vegan, Vegetarian Superfood Blend 1.5kg. The purest form of plant-based pea protein loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients.

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$74.95 $64.95
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Pea Protein Isolate

Is the purest form of plant based protein-on the market.

Pea protein Isolate

Makes an ideal dairy free alternative suitable for vegans or anyone suffering from food sensitivities.

No bloating, highly alkaline, gluten free, are just a few of the amazing benefits of this Coconut Pea Protein Powder Superfood Blend.

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