Vegan Protein Superfood Blends

Completely Natural Vegan Protein Powder

This truly is Australia’s sustainable answer to healthy living – a revolution in wholly natural lifestyle choices.

Vitality Nutrition understand that pressures and difficulties involved in maintaining a vegan lifestyle. Quality, taste conscious vegan protein powder can be difficult to find. Our powder is designed to offer a quality alternative to the various synthetic, chemical-loaded products available on the market.

We have focused on the holistic integration of raw protein into people’s daily lives with our special superfood blends. This is because it is vital in keeping the human body stable, strong and performing optimally. It works to lift energy and concentration levels, decrease nasty food cravings, increase muscle mass and regulate hormone production.

The products on this page are made from golden peas. We isolate the protein from the natural plant and use it as the primary ingredient in our range of vegan blends.

We use this natural plant derivative for a few reasons:

  • It’s extremely bioavailable which allows the nourishing ingredients to be rapidly absorbed and used by the body
  • It’s suitable for people who suffer a wide range of food sensitivities and allergies
  • Its antioxidant properties and high alkaline levels mean it is very effective in detoxifying the body
  • It’s a convenient way for vegans, vegetarians and people with other diet restrictions to incorporate healthy protein into their meals

The list of benefits related to the consumption of this formulation is amazing.
– Increased Energy levels
– Muscle mass
– Immunity to illness
– Loss of fat
– Strength
– Brain function
– Absorption of nutrients

You’ll even find yourself with a decrease in:
– Junk food cravings
– Triglycerides
– Bad cholesterol
– Recovery time from athletic training
– Ageing process

We’re proud of these products because they are genuinely effective, and because our focus is to create a healthier Australia with more vitality we feel good in knowing that we can effectively cater for vegans. Find out more for yourself with our pea isolate, vegan protein powder range. Australia-wide shipping is available on all orders.

Learn more about our products

For those of you who are looking at other alternatives to boost your healthy lifestyle, you’ll be happy to learn that we also provide grass-fed whey protein. As an added extra, due to the rise in popularity of paleo, we’ve put together some recipes for our paleo protein powder range that’ll be sure to tantalise any taste buds!

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