The Pressures of Processed

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Why Australia needs natural protein powder.

Australians have one of the unhealthiest diets in the world. The average Australian diet now gets around forty per cent of its calories from fats and oils, that’s more than the American diet does. In a country that yields some of the world’s best fresh produce, this is a pretty shocking statistic and it begs the question; where is all of that fat coming from?

The answer is processed foods. We live day to day under an immense amount of pressure from the marketing industry to consume processed food. The average first world inhabitant is exposed to something in the vicinity of 5,000 ads a day. It’s no wonder Australians are drowning in a sea of oils, fats, refined sugars and simple carbohydrates when everywhere you look there is a new, convenient and tasty product you ‘have’ to try.

Realistically, you can’t really stop this assault on your senses but you can limit the subconscious effect it has on your diet. How? Through mindful eating and making intelligent food choices with the help of things like our natural protein powder made in Australia.

Mindful eating can encompass almost any food philosophy; from the organic, raw, vegan and paleo diets to the person who simply aims to get their five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit every day. The moment you become conscious of what you eat is the moment the marketing industry begins to lose its power. When you begin to think and ask questions of the food you eat and look at your diet holistically you quickly realize processed food is virtually useless in a nutritional sense. After this revelation, it’s a simple matter of making the right food choice. This is where our Australian made natural protein powder can come in handy. Our natural protein powder is made in Australia and provides a simple and healthy meal option to provide you with the nutrients your body needs without any of the artificial additives which are present in processed foods. So take a step back, think about your food, and start making intelligent food choices. Your body will thank you for it.