My Journey to Wellbeing

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“I have to exercise more, I must eat better, I must stop eating so much chocolate, I wish I was skinny, I have no willpower, I wish I could wear tight fitting clothes……” sound familiar? This is only a very small sample of the negative chatter that was constantly going on inside my head, most of which I was not even aware of.


I had struggled with my weight my entire life, even when I trained extremely hard and followed strict eating programs I never experienced the results I wanted which resulted in me being even harder on myself (clichéd I know). Then I met the gorgeous Vicky Reihana, and began to learn about food, exercise, rest and attitude from a new perspective and went from a size 14 to a size 10, which I have maintained for nearly 18 months now.


Initially Vicky took me through a couple of detoxes which seemed to reset my body. I will not say it was easy, but it was very simple to follow. It was during this time that I fell in love with green juices and smoothies using Vitality Nutrition
Protein Blend (although before I met Vicky my smoothies were definitely not what you would call healthy).


Vicky’s knowledge about clean food, exercise and the importance of rest and relaxation is extensive, but more importantly the main message that underpins all of Vicky’s teachings is that we are all different and need to find out what works for
us individually. Applying a trial and error approach as opposed to a one size fits all approach. Furthermore, maintaining a more holistic approach incorporating clean food, exercise and rest, as well understanding the important role our attitude and beliefs play in regards to weight loss, health and self worth.


Nothing in our life happens in isolation and from my experience, those beliefs we have about our weight and our bodies are carried into many other areas of our lives as well. For me, it was never an issue of exercising harder and eating less in order to lose weight. Instead I needed to find a training regime that I actually enjoyed that reduced my stress levels and not increased it, eat more of the right foods and being more gentle on myself when I didn’t. This then gave me the right foundation on which to build upon in all areas of my wellbeing and health, not just weight loss.


Today, my wellbeing manifesto is basically summed up in 5 points:

  1. I enjoy my exercise and I am grateful for the strong body I have been blessed with
  2. I Nourish my body with clean food and if I do have a treat…I enjoy it and lose the guilt
  3. Rest and relaxation is a necessity not a luxury
  4. I choose my attitude regardless of what is happening in my life
  5. Breathe and be here now in the moment as much as I can


Happy Days