My fat loss journey with exercise and Superfoods

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Proudly Written By Talitah Giess


Just over a year ago I decided to turn my life around for the better. Before I decided to start training with Vicky I weighed a big 83 kilos, which is quite a lot for a young 15 year old teenager! I wasn’t happy.  I used to feel insecure especially when I went to the beach or wore clothes that didn’t suit my body type. Most of my friends are little and have small figures. When I went shopping with them and saw them picking up small sizes such as sizes 8-12 (they never went above size 12) and then there was me!  I had to get bigger sizes that ranged from 14-18…… I always wished that one day I could be a smaller size and be able to walk into a shop and pick out size 12 and be proud to be able to fit it. 

I still remember the first day I went to go train with Vicky. I had invited my friend Emeline along for motivation. It was one of the hardest days of my life! I remember she had us doing wall sits, wall walks, rows, and bike and drum pushes. I remember pushing that drum up and down the floor and thinking to myself  “what have I got myself into? This is terrible!” 


But right behind Vicky was there motivating and encouraging me, telling me I could do it!  From that day on I started going to her sessions twice a week, every time without fail she was there to motivate me.  Soon enough I was seeing results and everyone around me began to notice changes, the weight was dropping off and I began to get more self-confidence and began to love myself again. 


I consistently trained and my bond with Vicky became stronger and stronger.  My body was changing; I was getting fitter and had more energy! I started to feel healthy and looked forward to the challenge of every session. Vicky helped me make changes to my diet by replacing junk food with healthier options!


As I came closer to my goal Vicky launched her own brand of 100% Natural Superfood Protein and Bars called “Vitality Nutrition” I was lucky enough to be able to sample the Protein Superfood Blends  and use them to compliment my training, drop body fat, build muscle and help me recover from a hard training session. The Superfood Protein Blend smoothies and recipes have played a major role in my fat loss journey; I have learnt how to use them to replace processed sugary junk foods that were in my diet.


With the support from Vicky, my family and friends I have reached my goal and I am a healthy 55.2 kilos!  I strive to become stronger and fitter every time I train. Vicky is always encouraging me to nourish my body with healthy fresh foods and is educating me on the importance of eating quality protein. 

I have finally reached my dream of being able to walk into a shop and pick up a size 12 or even 8 and put it on and feel good about myself!  When I put my bikinis on and head to the beach I feel healthy, confident and most importantly happy! So if I can do it so can you!