Maca gives you back your drive!

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Maca Powder


When formulating our Natural Protein Blend, it made perfect sense to add organic Maca Powder to the ingredients list. I had been experimenting with Maca for a few years, and I loved the increased energy and feeling of wellbeing it gave me.


What is Maca Powder?


Maca is a herbaceous plant that comes from Peru, and is grown around 10,000 feet above sea level, high in the Andes. For well over 2,000 years, Maca has been used as a healing food.


Similar to Whey Protein, Maca is also a ‘complete’ protein, jam-packed with all the essential amino acids that our bodies need.


Maca powder has a pleasant malt taste that can be deliciously added to smoothies and cooking. Interestingly, the Maca plant comes from the mustard family, as do radishes and turnips, and it is the root that is ground into powder.


Benefits of Maca:


Improved energy and boosted immunity – Maca will give you that ‘lift’ in the morning, without the caffeine! Add it to your smoothies, or try a teaspoonful mixed in a cup of warm almond or cashew milk.


Adaptogen – Maca has the amazing ability to grow in the most extreme weather conditions (it adapts to its climate). When consumed, Maca has a similar adaptive response with our hormones: it encourages the body to regulate imbalances.


Fertility – Maca has been shown to increase the sperm count in men.


Libido – Maca not only boosts energy, it can help improve low libido – particularly in postmenopausal women.


Anxiety and depression – Maca can assist in calming people’s nerves, and relieving feelings of anxiety.


Headaches and migraines – Maca has been known to help reduce the frequency of migraines and alleviate headaches.


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