Know Your Food

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Jamey NZ

Why is it important to know your food? There are a number of reasons. Perhaps the most importantly, if you choose to eat foods that are locally grown, you’ll avoid excess packaging, preservatives and know the environment your food is grown in (organic and pesticide free). Eating local helps to build a closer community, I also believe local foods taste best. Local foods picked and enjoyed when they are ripe are more nutritious than those that travel thousands of miles before they’re placed on supermarket shelves.

Learn which foods are local

Knowing your food means learning about what grows in your area, and when, so that you can eat foods that come from close by when they are in season. How do you do this? You can plant your own garden, shop at farmer’s markets or visit and buy directly from local farms or orchards themselves. 

If you live in a place with a climate that’s warm year-round, you have a bit of an advantage over those of us who don’t. But there ARE ways to continue to eat locally year-round even if you live somewhere with four distinct seasons and you can learn more about food preservation! We freeze our excess berries, stone fruits and bananas. Great for smoothies and much more flavour than the supermarket frozen fruits. Then there’s fermenting, which not only preserves food but provides great bacterial culture for good gut health. Win Win.

What to do when you can’t get local

Knowing your food does not mean you have to give up eating everything which is not grown locally. Chocolate, coffee, tea, and spices are examples of foods that you probably would not want to go without, but which certainly are not local for many of us. So when it comes to foods like this: buy them, but look for fair-trade/organic and sustainable options whenever possible.

There is no comparison between the taste of tomatoes bought in the supermarket in June to ones you buy from the Farmer’s Market at the height of the summer (and don’t even get me started on strawberries, apples, mandarins, peaches etc). 

The very best way to get closer to your food is to grow something. Anything. Not everyone lives where they can have a garden at home, but maybe you could have some pots on a balcony or window sill? This way you’ll truly appreciate the time, care and dedication needed to create a healthy wholesome vegetable or piece of fruit.