John B Will and Tigers Milk

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The Story of Tiger’s Milk

I was fortunate in the extreme to have parents, that were visionary. My father seemed quirky in many ways, brilliant but different. He taught me the alphabet backwards! He painted a Dymaxion world map on our lounge-room wall, and among many other things, he taught me that I should only ever follow the herd if I was happy with the destination they were heading to. He was a man concerned with outcomes, with results, and he was not afraid to turn left, when everyone else was turning right.

One of my earliest memories (yep: back in the 60’s!) was our morning ritual of having to gulp down a foul concoction that he affectionately called Tiger’s Milk. It was a blend of lecithin, powdered yeast, eggs, and a dozen other ingredients; the Superfoods of that era. When we complained of the taste, he invariably answered ‘Taste is irrelevant – drink it!’

No doubt my father was well-intentioned, and for years my sister and I started each and every day pinching our noses shut and downing the awful-tasting but super-healthy potion. And so the idea of Tiger’s Milk was born.

Fast forward to the present day –

One of the cornerstones of ‘excellence’ is the ability to extract maximum value from the things we do, from the things we invest in, from the way in which we spend out time. The machine we reside in, that amazing construct of muscle, bone, sinew and nerve, like any other machine, needs fuel to keep it going. Optimum performance requires the best possible fuel. My own circumstances require that I get up and running at full speed from the very ‘get go’ and I do not take the time (nor do I want to) to prepare the kind of breakfast that would do justice to my needs.


The Tiger’s Milk of 2014 is a far cry from the concoction my father used to make me; not only in the quality of the Superfood’s contained therein but in one other very important way – the taste! I just add a single scoop of it to half a glass of coconut water and I am good to go! This ritual takes me less than one minute from start to finish – and I know that I have put the best possible nutrition into my system – job done!


Tiger’s Milk is a blend of 18 organic Superfoods, it is high in protein and infused with Acai to reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels and boost antioxidant, omega 6 and fiber levels. It’s low in sugar and replete with natural flavor. I am totally into it! Know this though: it is not a supplement – it is Real Food – Ground Down! I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you want to get your own supply – go here:Tigers Milk

John B Will

Black Belt Studios

Australia’s 1st Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Winner of Inaugural World Pentjak Silat Championships

3 times winner of Blitz Magazine’s Instructor of the Year Award

Defensive Tactics Subject Matter Expert to Australian Defence Forces