How to Incorporate Organic Protein Powder in your Diet

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Like any new ingredient on your shelf, protein blends can take some getting uses to. We use a blend of nuts and seeds alongside a natural protein source to create an organic protein powder that’s more like food than it is a classic ‘supplement’. In this way, our protein blends are a dynamic and versatile way of incorporating nourishing and potent proteins, vitamins, and minerals into your diet. Still, we know that trying to make use of an entirely new ingredient can be daunting, so here are a few simple ways you can incorporate  protein blends into each of your meals.


Breakfast is a busy time of day for every family, it’s also one of the times of the day where we tend to make some pretty poor meal choices often laden with refined sugars, saturated fat and simple carbohydrates. Our  protein blends can help you implement cleaner food choices in the form of a filling protein smoothie, a superfood porridge, chia pudding or Bircher muesli.

Morning and Afternoon Tea

These tend to be tricky times of the day food wise, you walk into a café to get your caffeine fix and there’s a cake shelf that seems to be calling your name. Don’t panic! You don’t have to deny your sweet tooth to eat healthy, you just need to plan ahead! If you consult our recipes page, you’ll find recipes for all sorts of goodies like white chia choc protein balls, wicked cherry slice and healthy caramel slice (yes that does exist) which will satisfy your sugar craving, keep you feeling full and provide you with the nutrients your body needs.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner are crucial meals where we get a lot of our day’s nutrients. Adding one of our blends into these meals gives a nourishing boost to preexisting ingredients. A very simple way of adding protein into these meals is by adding a scoop or two of protein blend into any sauces or soups. For complex carbohydrates that pack a punch you can also bake with our  protein blends,  home baked nut loafs and banana breads can become great protein sources with the addition of one of our blends.

Looking for some more inspiration? Visit our recipes page for ideas, tips and tricks on incorporating our blends into your diet.