How to be a Healthy Vegan

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This title seems like a bit of an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

Non vegans tend to assume that vegans are floating above the rest of us health wise. It’s true that people who ascribe to a vegan diet are more likely to be eating nutrient dense foods that are high in fiber, but cutting out food groups has its own set of health issues. Vegan and vegetarian diets are notorious for being low in protein and B12 as well as calcium, zinc, several long chain fatty acids, iron and fat soluble vitamins like A & D. Without these vitamins your body is in less than optimum condition and a lack or absence of them can expose you to anything from memory loss to an increased risk of cancer.

Because certain vitamins and minerals are absent from a plant based diet, vegans need to actively ensure they get those nutrients from other sources. The best way to do this is through supplements provided by your doctor, however this is not ideal as vitamins and minerals are best absorbed into the body when they are part of a food. Aiming to get some of these nutrients through your food in addition to supplements is therefore key to a healthy vegan diet.

Our vegan protein powder made in Australia, is an excellent source of protein and amino acids. Our exclusive blends also incorporate other natural superfoods such as maca powder, as well as seeds and nuts to provide you with the nutrients you need. You can use our Australian vegan protein powder as a base to help you consume your extra nutrients. For example, the ‘Mango Maca Smoothie’ on our recipes page combines high protein coconut protein blend (or your choice of protein powder) with other ingredients such as maca powder (high in B, C, and E vitamins, calcium, zinc and iron) and coconut water (calcium) to make a meal that contains a number of the nutrients often scarce in a vegan diet.

Our Australian made vegan protein powders are also an excellent choice if you are raising your children in a vegan lifestyle. In fact, our Australian vegan protein powder is a versatile and nourishing protein source for the whole family.