Our New Lifestyle of Health and Fitness – Happy Couple's Testimonial

by: Vicky Reihana on


Happy Couples Testimonial!

I have been working with Mike and Roschell since March this year. As a PT and Health Coach I wanted to share how proud I am of this inspiring couple. Not only did they loose kilos they have become stronger, fitter and developed body awareness and co-ordination. Both had old injuries that had in the past niggled and hampered their exercise progress.

We have gently and strategically worked through and around these issues while building strength and confidence.

The turning point for Roschell and Mike was when they followed my advice and started to do more workouts at home together.

As their confidence grew and using important organisational strategies they began to program their own workouts. It became their non-negotiable! This was the turning point in their fitness journey.

Roschelle and Mike realised that our 30 min workouts were just the beginning it was what they did every other day of the week that made the difference. Simply by incorporating 2-3 HIIT (20-30 minutes) extra sessions together at home.

They are now fuelling their bodies with more whole foods and most importantly quality protein form the ????????Vitality Nutrition Blends Range to support their busy lifestyle and training program. They are feeling fitter, healthier and happier than ever before. Roschell and Mike have teenage triplets and run their own business, they never imagined they could feel this good by making these small changes to their lifestyle.

Vicky x

Happy Couples Testimonial!????

Both Mike & I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for getting us back on track with a health & fitness routine.  We are excited about how we are feeling and the progress we have made in the past few months and can honestly say we are feeling better than we have in years!!!!

Prior to our first session with you, it had been many years since we had done any regular form of exercise.    We knew we needed to change our sedentary lifestyle and tried many standard/ traditional programs;  Mike tried Taekwondo, I tried group classes at PCYC, we bought a treadmill and tried running, we even tried to do bushwalking as a family, but there was always something that took priority over our time and that’s what we found so intriguing and appealing to your style of training.  We came away from our first session with you with a new feeling of vigor and sense of achievement (even though we had difficulty walking and bending the next few days!!!)

You are so inspiring and encouraging in the way you deliver your training sessions. The HIIT/Tabata training that you teach, and the fact that we are able to replicate it at home is proving so doable for us.  We started out slowly, but as our fitness and skill levels have increased, we have gradually built up our at home sessions so that we are now training four times a week.  It’s been such an awesome thing that we can do with each other and are able to motivate and encourage one another on those days when one of us would rather be doing anything else!!!

We love our sessions with you and learn so much – not just about training techniques, but nutrition wise as well, we are trying foods that we never would have prior to our relationship with you.  We regularly look at one another while we are sipping on a Vitality Nutrition ‘ protein green smoothie’ or ‘lemon & apple cider vinegar water’ and say “who would have thought”!!!!!

We can’t thank you enough & look forward to working with you in the months ahead.

Kind Regards

Michael & Roschell van den Brink