Diary of a Mums Smoothie Cleanse

by: Vicky Reihana on


Diary of a Mums Smoothie Cleanse

I just wanted to share an experience I've had (a 6 week one) because there will be people out there who are ready to make a life change, and there'll be curious people too … so here goes.


About 6 weeks ago I looked in the mirror. Honestly, it's something I try not to do (not full body anyway) and besides the fact that I'm 40, have 4 kids and my beauty routine is all of 4 minutes if I'm really lucky. It's not that I don't like the way I look; I've just never been high maintenance, and I'm just bloody busy… so, I generally throw mascara on, tie the hair back and off I go.

On this day, I stopped to look at my reflection straight out of the shower. It's rare for me to afford myself real reflection, coz our day is super busy and honestly, I generally get little voices hounding me even when I'm on the loo or in the shower. But on this day, I stopped and just looked. Really looked at what I saw looking back from the mirror. And it made me sad.

I was taken aback by the way I felt as I looked at my tummy, hips and overall figure. I'd been bloody busy for the last few years – making shit happen on the home front, and with my business too. Life just doesn't stop when you have miniature humans to raise. And I usually allow myself to come last.

So here I am, nudie, looking back at the very raw me. My tummy sagged, my face was ok, hips blended into waistline, which I thought, made me look very boyish, and the cellulite taunted me and made me look right back at it. I tried jiggling stuff to decide how that made me feel and as I suspected, it made me feel like shit.

Of course it wasn't the first time I'd thought I need to get a little healthier, but who has the time right? Plus, at 40, I'd never dieted in my life and I never intended to either. I like food. I love food. But this was different. I was sad by the fact that my reflection made me sad.

All my life I was the skinny girl. Twig legs, twig arms. That was until the kids came along. I put on 26 kg with my first – and by the time the fourth arrived and another 8 years escaped me… well, let's just say I had collected a few muffin trays around my middle. (yes trays – not just one muffin).

I'd escaped public recognition of my flubber (my own negative chatter) mostly by hiding that shit with clothing… but it was different now.

So what to do about it??? A juice detox? A diet? An exercise routine? What the hell did I need to get this shit sorted? And so I just put a post on fb asking for juice diets to try out – after all, at least I could get rid of some of the crap in my system for a few days. Then I'd re-think this whole thing. It was a good start.

Of course I got hounded by product pushing and people who believed their stuff was exactly what I needed. But honestly, though I knew I needed to do something – the thought of going without food scared the crap outta me. Maybe I was bluffing – maybe I didn't even want to (or have the balls) to do something about the way my reflection made me feel? Damn it – truth hurts.

And then I got a message from a beautiful lady I know – and something just felt right. She said very simply “What about a smoothie cleanse?” It triggered a light inside my brain that said … smoothie sounds so much better than starving to death on just juice! And so I said – “Lets do it!”

Then I crapped myself instantly! (Metaphorically of course)

I'm pretty stubborn, so when I say I'll do something, I'll try my damned hardest to commit – but hang on – NO FOOD… for days??? What had my reflection signed me up for???

So I ordered a bag of protein powder from this friend of mine, and I set about getting ready to torture myself with a week without food. I figured I'd try for 3 – 5 days. CRAP!

Here's how it went…

Day 1: Shopping. Preparation is everything. I knew that my brain would try to trick me into eating … so I wanted to do my best to be organised so I didn't give in to temptation.


Aldi here I come.

10 cartons almond milk

20 bananas

4 punnet strawberries

6 cucumbers

bunch of spinach

jar of honey

Some avocado

jar of super greens/reds/probiotics

bottle linseed oil.


I chopped the whole lot up and threw it into freezer bags so I'd have every smoothie ready to consume to save time. (avoiding excuses once the torture started)

Chucked it all in the freezer — ready to go!

So, making my smoothies was really easy and quick. And it tasted amazing. I found I could put whatever fruit I wanted – so mango, banana, strawberry – whatever tickled my fancy. To start with though, I just used banana for simplicity.

And when it was time to eat – I'd just grab a pre-made smoothie bag out of freezer, chuck it in with almond milk, protein, linseed oil, honey and super green stuff – and whizz. This took about 2 minutes in total. Easy!

So first smoothie was in the morning… and it tasted so good. A little thick, but good. (takes a while to get them exactly as YOU like them – but they are so versatile) Filled with confidence, I knew – I could do this!!!!!! God it felt great to have actually started. It was easy enough to fit into my daily routine time wise and all seemed okay … but then… it got harder. I was used to having 2 eggs on toast with tea every single morning. Then snacks too, tea, dinner, pudding … you know.

When you're raising a family and you're the only one doing a cleanse … well, cooking for the family is shit! I felt myself salivating, dreaming about food, wanting to taste everything. Kids brekky, lunch boxes, dinner – OH LORD!

Day one brought me to the kitchen pantry 10 times, and I found myself standing in there, just looking… looking. Looking! What was I searching for? I don't know – ANYTHING! Caffeine, sugar, junk food, snacks – ANYTHING. Then I'd suck up every ounce of self determination and walk away with a drink of water.

And because these smoothies have everything you need to thrive, you can have as many as you like, and it would never be too much.

So unlike any other cleanse, you don't have to be hungry – ever.

To get the most out of your smoothie cleanse, drink heaps of water. The more water you drink, the faster the toxins flush out and the more weight you lose. I'm still learning to drink enough water. It just doesn't seem to appease the brain as much as a cup of tea would.

So I was doing it full on – I had gone cold turkey on sugar, processed stuff, coffee, tea – you name it. Everything but whole foods and natural sugar – and of course smoothies.

Well, it bloody sucked on day one! I was craving everything and anything – and I just wanted to chew something.

No more cup of tea's for me during the day. Have lemon and water instead she had told me. BLARGH! Just drinking water was hard enough.

But then – after school time. Kids “I'm HUNGRY” time. (Felt like yelling – seriously – YOU'RE HUNGRY?” But I made it.. and then it was time to make the kids dinner.

So I prepped them all a yummy dinner of salad and sticky chicken wings. BIG MISTAKE! Those damn wings looked and smelled like heaven. I just had to try one. I texted my friend..”Would it make me weak as shit to have a chicken wing?” She replied .. ever so kindly – “Not weak as shit – but WHY are you doing this?” GRRRR> stupid common sense. Fine. No chicken wings for me. But they smelled sooo good. Just one.

I took just one. A small one. Looking round the room like a bank robber sizing the place up – I leaned over the sink and bloody devoured that wing like it was a criminal act! Yup. I'd done it. Only day one and I'd given in. Weak as shit.

And then I had to have another one. And another. And then I'd had 3. AAAARRRgh.

Where was my will power. One day with smoothies, one day without snacks or brekkie, or lunch – and I only made it till dinner time. (And we have dinner early). SAD.

So I changed the rules. Because I could. I decided it was up to me to make this manageable, sustainable and not so bloody torturous – because I really did want to succeed for longer than one day! FOR ME. For my reflection. So I decided I'd go all day without breakfast, lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea, snacks, tea or coffee – and I'd allow myself to eat a healthy dinner.


Day 2. That bloody smoothie tasted like shit (and believe it or not – it was just my brain tricking me because I'd loved the taste the day before). But today, I put way too much greens in it and It looked like lawn clippings and it was just hard to get down. Felt like crying. Had To tell myself to keep going and over again.

And I must say a public apology to my family during days 1,2 and 3 because I was a total bitch as The toxins fought with my brain trying to convince me to eat the shit id eaten for the last 30 years.

Looking back I realise it was completely psychological and I wasn't ever hungry, so it was 100% habit and telling my brain that I didn't need crap food when it was trying to convince me that I absolutely did!

The great Part about this smoothie diet is that as opposed to a juice diet there wasn't a single day when my tummy was genuinely hungry.

The Challenge it seemed was changing the way my brain actually thought about food before I put it in my mouth out of habit.

Day 3. I feel like crap. I have a headache. I'm still craving food. I am cranky, and this SUX.


Day 4. Still a little head achy, but feeling better. I tell myself I can do this. But I'm not so sure. I'm still not eating anything but smoothie during the day, and I SOOOO look forward to that dinner – and the smoothies after day 3 started to taste great again. It was like my brain had given in trying to trick me.

My famiily still laugh when I eat now, coz I am literally making orgasmic noises as I down that lettuce, tomato and whatever else I'd allowed myself to eat at night time. I guess it gave me something to look forward to. Somehow after this experience, it all just tastes so much better. A new appreciation for food!


About a week into it –

I rewarded the kids with a treat of their choice from the bakery. They chose a finger bun. You know the yummy sprinkle and icing ones. I told them they each had to let me have a micro crumb (size of my thumb nail).

Then as I sat at the lights and ate the minuscule bits of sugar coated white bread, I declared out loud and sighed and laughed hysterically at just how bloody amazing that taste was!

One child looked at the other and said simply “Yup. She's lost it!” And he was right. And it was great. I honestly never would have imagined that as well as getting healthier, losing some chubba, I'd have such a strong sense of gratitude and a new found appreciation for the TASTE of foods. Before it was just jammed in. Now it was celebrated. This gave me the push I needed to keep going.

And so it was.

That was 6 or so weeks ago now and I did it. AND I'm still doing it. WHY? Coz I love the smoothies, and I love how it's changed the way I eat, think and feel. I feel great. And I have actually changed. Not just on the scales, or in my reflection (but I will brag that though I have half a muffin left round my tummy) but the way I think about food has changed for the better. I appreciate food much more. I'm in tune with what certain foods do to my body.

Bread makes me bloat and feel yuck.

Grains are similar but not so full on.

Sugar tastes so over the top sweet it's actually easier to avoid now and I don't find myself craving it so much.

Salad and healthy alternatives are so much more appealing to me now.

And I miss my smoothies if I don't have em.

I'm not hungry in the morning straight away. (Before if I didn't eat within 5 minutes of waking I'd start to feel sick due to low blood sugar)

I since have one cup of tea a day or every now and then a coffee, and wow it tastes so strong and sweet, so often I can't even be bothered drinking the whole thing. It's more about feeling like I'm treating myself.

I now LOVE food even more, because I appreciate it again.

I love eating healthy 90% of the time, and I LOVE chowing down on unhealthy stuff every now and then.

While I used to cram the food in – and I had no FULL mechanism (I could just keep eating) now, I chew it, smile about how great it tastes, and I'm conscious of healthy and unhealthy choices, so much so that I am far more aware of what my body likes and what it doesn't appreciate at all.

So, you see why I wanted to share this experience, with anyone who's ever wondered what it would be like to go on a detox, cleanse or to overhaul their eating habits in the name of loving their reflection a little more.

It was not about vanity, nor was it about wanting to be skinny minnie. This was about feeling good about me, the way I look and what I put in my body. It was about doing something for me after all this time.

And I feel truly proud of myself, and honored that I have a friend who literally helped me through this when I thought I couldn't do it.

Vicky Reihana (Creator of Vitality Nutrition) walked me through the process and the day to day smoothie diet from before I actually started even during my crap times. And now I pick up a bag of smoothie protein powder from her every single fortnight because this is something I WANT to maintain – for Me.

Along the way, I took photos of some of the meals I had (I didn't really cheat that much – but – oh ok – I ate Maccas one day with the kids (and felt like shit instantly after eating it and for the next 4 hours) and I ate a few fat meatballs one dinner time, and then there were those bloody great chicken wings on day 1!

But generally, I was good. Generally I stuck to it. AND I WON. More than that, every time I slipped up, I'd just say – ok. Lesson learned. Now back to smoothies and eating healthy Niki.

I still stay away from bread, potato, pasta, carbs, coffee, sugar, processed MOST of the time, but I do treat myself when I get the urge. I figure an effort is better than none at all. And I figure mostly healthy is better than mostly crap (like before).

So for those of you who want to know the figures – I think I've lost about 5 or more kg's. BUT – that's without exercising. So imagine what I could achieve if I actually got my but to the gym! (Ps – the gym is not happening – not yet). I'll just get out to the beach one day when I'm not so busy.

As I said it was not about the numbers. It was about feeling better. AND I DO. 🙂

I'm honestly so renewed, and inspired, and grateful for life change that came about simply by looking in the mirror and taking the time to really see me.

And for being strong enough to start something, see-through, and keep it going for no one else but me.

Here's to all the beautiful mums out there who consistently always put everyone else before yourself. It's time- to see you.

Anyone wanting to try this too, to ask questions or to just find our more – please feel free to pick my brain. 🙂

Niki B