Cystic Fibrosis – Troy's Body Building Journey

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We’ve all been told by a negative Nancy that something “can’t be done” or “it’s doomed to fail”……but whats even worse “You’ll put yourself into an early grave!” This was the soul destroying reaction Troy Wilson was getting when he made the decision to improve his health by asking Tahi and myself to coach him in preparation for his first bodybuilding/ sports model competition. 


Troy stayed with us for a week last year and I knew living with Cystic Fibrosis, even a high functioning one like himself, had its limitations! He is now 2 months into his training and I am proud to say he is kicking some serious ass! Not only has his muscle mass increased (not easy for a someone with CF) he is literally busting out of his shirts!!  I am not saying its easy, Troy has dedicated a lot of time in the Gym.. 1-2 hours 5 -6 days a week. Tahi has constructed a weights program which walks Troy through all the important stages of his development. One which will give him the body shape required to compete yet keep Troy injury free and consistently eager to train. 



Troy had been advised by a CF specialist to consume as many calories as he could to keep his weight on. Unfortunately, with the only focus being calories, it didn’t matter where came from and much of his source was fast foods, processed toxic rubbish! I was horrified!! To the eye, he may not suffer the visual effects of obesity, but the long term damage to his body would be catastrophic especially when his immune system is already compromised. (which is a whole other blog….to be addressed later)

Troy’s nutrition has been a huge learning curve for him. He has to do a lot of food preparation and make sure he is taking in adequate whole food calories. I stress whole food!! Troy is using TVN Superfood Protein Blends and incorporating smoothies into his daily routine to assist in his muscle recovery and repair.  We would love you follow Troy’s journey with us and be inspired by his determination and dedication to the best he can be.


So here is Troys announcement to the world of his daily battle with CF and his quest to overcome it…….in the words of Troy Wilson.


So, there’s something I haven’t been 100% transparent about… and in the past I’ve been accused of being ‘secretive’ and ‘closed off’ and I’ve even had people close to me say they’ve felt ‘ripped off’ and to those people, I’m sorry. Some of you already know what I’m about to say, and some of you heard it on the grapevine (Great song) and well… some of you have no idea and just frequently hear words fall out of my mouth along the lines of “I’m just getting over a cold that’s given me a cough”. Yeah that sounded familiar didn’t it? Sorry again… I suppose I’ve been getting over that cough for a while now huh?

I’m sure there are multiple reasons as to why I don’t openly talk about this with people, so feel free to analyse it as much as you wish. In the end I’m sure it’s just simply because, I honestly have better things to talk about, and I tend to never focus on a problem unless I have a solution. Well… I’m hoping this will lead to inspiring many…

Firstly, before I continue I want you to know that I am okay, and I’m not going anywhere… the reason why I’m opening up about this now is because I’m going to accomplish something huge, something kajunga, something humega, and without me giving this context I suppose the reasons as to why I’m doing this could easily be misconstrued. “What is it you’re exactly going to achieve? What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you dying?” I can hear you ask with a smit look on your face… well firstly, don’t ask me that question in that tone of voice, it’s offensive. 

So what I’m going to accomplish is… “Hurry up and get to the punch line” I hear you interrupt with a scream… you’re really on edge today aren’t you? Calm your farm and let me finish… okay, now time for some more suspense… ready? Drumroll somebody? So, I have Cystic Fibrosis and I’m going to compete in the INBA International Natural Bodybuilding Association) at the end of the year… (December to be exact, potentially September if my body keeps responding the way it is)

If you’re wondering what Cystic Fibrosis is, I’d prefer you to Google or Youtube it because I can’t be stuffed typing out all the info, in a nutshell it’s going to heavily affect me during this epic ride because my lungs are heavily impaired and my pancreas doesn’t work the same as yours so it’s challenging for me to digest all the nutrients you would, plus, my caloric expenditure is 3x as much as someone my height, weight and activity workload because my body is consistently fighting, so this is going to make this an interesting challenge. Not only do I have my health to battle with along this journey but I also need to divide my time between running a company, spending a few hours a day with my CF treatments, and now I’m going to be spending a few hours a day at the gym and also doing a lot of preparing my meals. (I just realised it was really hard to say I have CF publicly on Facebook)

I’m not going to let this FB post drag on too long, but stepping on stage at the end of the year will mean so much more to me than a trophy and the significance I’ll get, to me this is purely a way that I can use the situation of my health to contribute to others.

I promise that on this FB page I won’t be posting selfies, talking about my food & training and checking in at the gym every time I go… however I am going to be making this journey 100% transparent by documenting, video blogging and journaling everything as of this Monday from my new Facebook page which is dedicated for this: <- Why troynation? well because troymendous and troyiffic were taken…