Breastfeeding Mum's – Vitality Nutrition Protein Testimonials

by: Vicky Reihana on

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When we developed the Vitality Nutrition Protein Blend I knew we were on to something special! We wanted a Natural Protein that could Nourish busy women like myself and their families. A Protein that was free from chemicals and artificial ingredients that we know was safe for even breastfeeding mums!

As a mum that breastfeed her 2 children I knew the challenges faced when breastfeeding. Being tired and super busy in those early days is normal even when you are not breast feeding, your life is consumed (in a wonderful way) by this new little human that depends on you for everything !

Finding the time to shop and make nutritious meals and snacks isn’t always going to happen – Simply by incorporating a Smoothie in to your day Breakfast or a Snack will help you feel fuller and stop you wanting to continuously snack on convenient less healthy foods.

A HIGH PROTEIN SMOOTHIE ticks all the nutritional boxes making sure you are getting the perfect amount of GOOD FATS, COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES AND PROTEIN to nourish you and your BABY.

When I get testimonials like these form  breastfeeding mums my heart skips a beat! To know that our Protein Blends are supporting them through their journey ‘ s as mums is a massive reminder on WHY we started this business 3 years ago.

Below are a few recent testimonials from the StayStrongMummy Facebook and Instagram page that are breastfeeding! And one from the delightful Mrs_Paulie  instragram Page!

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The Benifts busy mum’s experience using Vitality Nutrition Protein Blends

  • Increased Milk Supply
  • Feeling fuller, nourished and satisfied for longer
  • Weight Loss
  • More Energy, less tired
  • Better moods