Blueberries for Fat Loss? Can Blueberries help you loose weight?

by: Vicky Reihana on

Can Blueberries help you loose weight?

I am pretty sure that if you suddenly decided to add blueberries to your meal plan you wouldn’t instantly start loosing body fat!

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In saying that research has shown that this little blue Superfood  can play a role in reducing body fat.

Scientist have found that blueberries contain compounds that can inhibit the formation of fat cells. Whats even more interesting is researchers from New Zealand found that blueberries may help with recovery after exercise.

When they are added to a smoothie before and after a workout it was reported there was less muscle soreness and accelerated strength. Who doesn’t want that after a workout? When you can increase muscle mass and more importantly maintain muscle, your metabolism is going to work a whole lot more efficiently. There is also less chance of losing muscle while trying to loose body fat.

It’s also important to note that their dark pigment contains antioxidants that optimise carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

This is an important fact when trying to prevent metabolic syndrome and fighting the fat loss battle.

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