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Brooke Ingram Colless

As a busy mum of  4 – little people, a company director and a wife, I’m on the run from the moment I wake up till the moment my head hits the pillow of a night! I have very little time to remember to eat throughout the day, let alone consider what I am eating!

Making things harder is the fact that I’m a vegetarian whilst the rest of my family are meat-eaters. By the time I’ve cooked meals for the rest of the family the last thing I feel like doing often is making myself something spectacular for dinner! This is why I’ve fallen in love with Think Vitality Nutrition’s protein products.

Using their delicious coconut flavoured WPI blend, I can throw a delicious smoothie together in a matter of minutes and know that at least once a day I’ve given my body something super healthy (not to mention yummy!)  I can enjoy these products knowing that Vitality Nutrition source only the highest quality organic, safe, natural ingredients for their products. I’ve tried a lot of Protein products, and and unlike the bulk protein powders (that you see sold everywhere)

John B Will

I believe that in every facet of our lives we should all aspire to get the maximum return on any investment we make. As a martial artist I never settle for less than the very best, especially when it comes to nutrition. I start each and every day with a Tiger’s Milk shake – an organic blend of ground-down super foods essential for fuelling and repairing the body. This incredible, convenient supplement gives me everything I need for the best possible physical performance.

“Tiger’s Milk is the Ultimate Food for Fighters.  Nothing short of the very best! “


Winner of the World Pentjak Silat Championships

Lee-Ann Wann

I was so excited when I heard about Coconut WPI and Coconut Bars as there really is a gap in the market for clean, wholesome quick and easy food options.  Once I tried them, I was blown away, not only do they taste great and have a wonderful texture but they are filling and do exactly as they say.

As the Vodafone Warriors Nutritionist, I am always after clean, natural, high nutrient foods for the players to aid in recovery and performance but we need quick, simple and easy to transport and this fits the bill perfectly.


Nutritionist: Vodafone Warriors | Health & Fitness Expert: RadioLive, Good Health Magazine, Fitness Life Magazine | Ambassador: NZ Fitness Expo, Bauer Media 30 Days Health & Well-being | Author of 3 Health & Fitness Books, Fitness Specialist, Biosignature Practitioner & C.H.E.K Coach

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