Will you ever meet people more passionate about YOU, than Tahi and Vicky, founders of Vitality Nutrition!

They live, breathe and walk a nutritious, abundant lifestyle, and in all their formulation of yummy, superior nutritional products, it is YOU, and their family and friends, at the forefront of their minds! This is because Tahi and Vicky live to create a society of robust, healthy individuals, who will reach their potentials!

Through their personal experiences as parents, committed athletes, fitness coaches and as business owners, Tahi and Vicky know the demands of our modern living, and seek to teach us about ‘eating to live, rather than living to eat’ – a philosophy that their energetic clients swear by!

At a time in history when our food lack nourishment, which is leading people to experience shortened lifespans and debilitating conditions, the importance for real, health-giving foods that also accommodates our desire for quick convenience, is very necessary… and, so, Vitality Nutrition was born.

Vitality Nutrition is a legacy company, providing high performance, natural, superfood nutrition, in an easy-to-eat, affordable form, so that every generation will live to their optimum!

Tahi and Vicky are a health-dedicated partnership, who genuinely desire people’s wellbeing; in fact, it was this passion for health and fitness that originally attracted them together as a couple and, later, parents.

Read about their life stories and professional accreditations:

Vicky Reihana
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“I started going to the gym at 17 because it helped with my confidence and gave me a sense of strength, inside and out. In my early 20’s, I naturally started to encourage and assist my friends, work colleagues and family to incorporate healthy habits into their lives.

It made perfect sense that I met Tahi in a gym! To date, he is my favourite training partner and coach.

As a personal trainer and food coach, I enjoyed working with busy mums and pregnant women as I could relate to them. I loved helping these women feel better about themselves and look after their health.

Studying at the Institute for Integrated Nutrition was a huge turning point in my evolution for me professionally, realising that ‘One person’s food can be another person’s poison’, and learning the simple process of ‘”crowding out” the ‘bad stuff’ in one’s diet with good food’ was pure logic when changing people’s eating habits for the better.

Vitality Nutrition is my heart’s contribution to ensuring perfect nutrition is delivered to people’s bodies in the most delicious and easiest manner – and as a mum, in the most affordable manner, too!”

Tahi Reihana

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“As a former international Rugby League player, I knew too well the physical demands that professional performance and training placed upon the body; especially in the way of nutritional energy. I saw there was ‘food’, and then there was ‘optimal performance food’.

Furthermore, I became a Strength and Conditioning Coach with AFL athletes, as well as with multiple Australian and World champions in a range of sports. I understood that optimal nutrition was the edge for high-performance athletes gaining advantage over their competitors.

In an industry that is based upon bodies performing maximally, the saying ‘You are what you eat’ never rang more true, and I was grateful to be able to highlight this fact during a decade worth of lecturing in the fitness industry, and as manager and owner of many gyms.

It is my utmost honour in bringing Vitality Nutrition to the athletic community and to other fitness-minded people, confident that our superfood products will definitely deliver.”

  • Tackling Coach with the AFL Suns Football Team
  • 11 years of lecturing/teaching in the Australian fitness industry
  • Former Professional / International Rugby League Player 
  • Strength & Conditioning coach in the AFL Cats Football Team 5 years
  • Strength & Conditioning coach for Australian and World Champions in multiple Sports.
  • Former Commercial Gym PT Manager and Private Gym Owner 


Together we have powerfully set the intention to create a culture that is focused on nutrition, health and wellbeing. 

As human beings we have the right to live whole, healthy and vital lives. Making the choice to Eat to Live not Live to Eat is a fundamental starting point on turning your health around. Our natural nutritional products have been developed not only to support the busy family lifestyle like ours but also to enhance performance for the most dedicated of athletes.


Tahi and Vicky